Jalda Lizard-Embossed Brief Clutch | Unusual Exotic Leather Purse

Posted on: Feb 6

This Jalda Brief clutch is an unusual yet formal purse, perfect for business attire.

What many brands don't understand is that if your bag is made from an interesting fabric with an interesting pattern then you don't have to over embellish. Whilst lots of purses may have had buttons or jewels or even bows sewn on after the design process, Jalda has thankfully stuck with the "less is more theory." This way the basic fold-over shape is made the design feature, with the great green lizard-embossed leather as back up!

This purse isn't the most spacious in the shops, but if you need a little clutch bag then its flexible Italian leather exterior should be more than suitable. It also isn't very secure, although if it is held in your hand you shouldn't lose anything. What I will say is that practicality comes second with a bag this unusual, especially when the gorgeous interior is in such a sapphire blue! Looks have to win!

Gorgeous, sophisticated and expensive, this Jalda clutch is beautifully exotic!

More Features of this Jalda Lizard Brief Purse

  • Italian leather exterior
  • Embossed lizard print
  • Contrasting blue interior
  • Envelope shape body

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