Coach Launches Poppy Budget Youth Collection

Posted on: Feb 25

Coach is fighting back against the financial crisis with their new budget-friendly line, Poppy. As its name suggests, Poppy is a fresher, more youthful collection than its parent line.

"Poppy offers a different attitude that is younger in spirit," said Coach's executive creative director, Reed Krakoff. "It's playful, with more prints, interesting fabrics and more experimentation. [These ideas] are always countered with a more classic shape or a more traditional construction."

This glam red sequined tote is the perfect example of that philosophy. The Poppy collection will also feature pochettes, footwear, watches, eyewear, and even tiaras! What fun!

Coach knows its teen and young adult target market don't have a lot of cash to splash around, so accessories will start from $198. You can snare some of the high-end items for just $598. You've got some time to save your pocket money for those big ticket items, with the collection slated to appear in stores and online in July.

[Source: Stylecaster]

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