Neumann Kate Spade Poppy Prints

Vera Neumann Sues Kate Spade | Poppy Print Accused of Copyright Infringement

The estate of late American artist Vera Neumann is taking Kate Spade to task for copyright infringement. The Vera Company claims...
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Coach Poppy Ostrich Feather Purse

Coach Poppy Ostrich Feather Purse | Stylish Silver Evening Bag

If all the bright colors from Coach’s youthful Poppy line were starting to make your eyes hurt, then feast your peepers...
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Coach Poppy Kaleidoscope Bag

Coach Poppy Kaleidoscope Swingpack Bag | Small Pink Op Art Print Cross-Body Bag

Coach gives its signature Op Art print a trippy makeover with this cute Kaleidoscope swingpack bag. The familiar Op Art pattern...
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Coach Poppy Bella Tote Bag | Floral Graffiti Rose Handbag

Coach gets bold with this Bella tote bag from its youth-oriented Poppy line. Louis Vuitton brought back graffiti style prints recently...
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Coach Poppy Leather Wristlet | Small Cartoon Patterned Wallet

I have a love-hate relationship with Coach, and this pint-sized wristlet comes down on the side of love! Although the design...
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Coach Poppy Canvas Butterfly Tote | Colorful Patchwork Applique Handbag

Once upon a time, patchwork purses were Coach staples. But then the stitched fabric swatches fell out of favor, and Coach...
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Coach Poppy Signature Tote | Colorful Applique Glam Handbag

This cute colorful tote is a great and fun alternative to the normally stuffy signature totes. Whilst the Coach Poppy range...
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Coach Patent Glam Tote | Shiny Magenta Pink Handbag from Poppy Collection

Coach’s Poppy Collection is all glitz, glam, and youthful designs. Although this patent leather Glam Tote isn’t quite as bodacious as...
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Coach Sequin Spotlight Bag | Metallic Poppy Collection Purse

Metallic trim on every inch that isn’t coated in sequins, the Coach Sequin Spotlight Bag will certainly shine a light on...
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Coach Launches Poppy Collection | Colorful Printed Embellished Handbags

Coach is unveiling a massive marketing campaign for their upcoming Poppy Collection this week, with the usual fanfare of Coach Poppy-emblazoned...
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Coach Launches Poppy Budget Youth Collection

Coach is fighting back against the financial crisis with their new budget-friendly line, Poppy. As its name suggests, Poppy is a...
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Mulberry Poppy Tote Bag | Adorable Square Shaped Leather Purse

This adorable Poppy tote bag from Mulberry has been billed as the latest “must have” purse for its fun styling and...
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