Christian Dior Announcing New Designer in Weeks | Galliano’s Replacement Named Soon

Posted on: Oct 1

Christian Dior StoreChristian Dior is continuing to tease us with news of a new creative director, some six months after anti-Semitic John Galliano was shown the door.

The rumor mill has been buzzing, with Marc Jacobs hotly tipped as the replacement. However when The Telegraph's Lisa Armstrong recently visited Dior headquarters, company president Sidney Toledano was still tight lipped. However he did reveal that we will hear news "in the next few weeks."

"There is an old proverb, those who don't know, speak loudly. Those who know, stay silent," he told the journalist.

And so, the silence continues. On one hand, it's excruciating to think we're so close, but still so far from an official announcement. On the other, we've already managed to wait out six long months. Surely another few weeks won't hurt, will it?

It's been a long, hard wait for fashion fans, but perhaps the ploy will pay off for Christian Dior. In waiting so long to announce Galliano's successor it's managed to achieve some distance from the controversy of earlier this year. It's created a new collection of apparel and accessories which Armstrong noted is "far more discreet" than the ones Galliano made. Dior seems to be starting anew, and after the year it's had that can only be a good thing.

[Source: The Telegraph]
[Image Source: CoCodoko/Wikipedia Commons]

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