Burberry Sues Pet Supply Store for Selling Plaid Similar to Label’s Signature Pattern

Posted on: Oct 20

Burberry is taking a cue from fellow designer handbag maker Coach and cracking down on copyright infringement. While Coach has taken action against retailers who are selling styles similar to their own, Burberry is all about protecting its signature checkered pattern.

The British-based company is up in arms about UK pet supply store Pets at Home selling dog coats and baskets in a plaid design close to its own signature plaid. It must have been fairly identical for Burberry to feel that the retail store was violating copyright laws. The legal dispute is currently ongoing, although the items have been taken off the shelves.

It isn't the first time that the company's well-known (though some might call it strikingly basic and easy to imitate) plaid has been sold to consumers, and I'm guessing it won't be the last legal action that Burberry takes regarding the subject. Hopefully this one can be settled out of court.

[Source: Style List]
[Image: Saks Fifth Avenue]

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