Burberry Leather Drawstring Tote | Gorgeous Matte Gold Leather Tote With Goldtone Hardware

Posted on: Jul 7

Metallic leather handbags have enjoyed a long run of popularity. More than five years, by my count, which is basically a century in the fashion world. Frankly, I've gotten a little bored of shiny metallics, and am thrilled to see some interesting new styles hitting the market. This gorgeous matte gold leather tote is a great example of how fresh metallics can look.

The traditional tote design is well-suited for showing off the metallic leather. The surface of the bag is relatively free of embellishment, the only exception being the seam details, which add a little extra texture to the material and reinforce its strength.

Pulling the drawstring gives the bag a totally different look, one that is slouchy and casually chic. The slender leather straps are as simple, minimal, and finely crafted as the rest of the bag, and I love their gold hardware attachments. What this bag lacks in trendy details it makes up for in understated elegance.

Unfortunately, the high level of taste demonstrated on this drawstring tote comes at a less than understated price. For $550, it's a very lovely tote, but just a little pricey for what it offers.

More Features Of The Burberry Leather Drawstring Tote

  • 16" x 15" x 3"  size
  • 9" handle drop
  • Snap closure at top

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