Bottega Veneta Promotes Travel Bags with Short Film | Christian Weber Directed “Viaggio Notturno” Hits Internet

Posted on: Apr 21

Bottega Veneta is promoting its luggage and travel bags with an enigmatic short film, Viaggio Notturno.

The short was filmed in New York City, the base of its director Christian Weber, and scored by Texan instrumental band Balmorhea. It reminds me a lot of the videos so many fashion labels are producing these days which favor an artsy film-school sensibility over traditional marketing spin.

At least I can almost follow this one though. In case it wasn't clear to you, Weber says the movie follows a man and a woman staying in a high class hotel. "Whether they are in the same space at the same time is unclear. Indeed, the creation of a narrative is left to the viewer."

Bottega Veneta's creative director Tomas Maier says he was compelled to make the short film to show a different side of travel, "what is surreal, romantic, and potentially transformative about a voyage."

The short film is visually stunning, but I've got to say that it doesn't exactly make me want to travel, or buy Bottega Veneta. I remember thinking that the suitcases are lovely for a split second, but that thought was quickly replaced by the question "So what's going on here?"

Are you a fan of the short films produced by so many fashion labels of late, or would you rather see more traditional advertising?

[Source: Accessories Magazine]

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