50 Unusually Bold and Bizarre Bags

Posted on: Nov 16

To me, there's just something special about a high quality leather purse or bag. They are traditional, durable and never go out of style. However, not everyone is satisfied with commonplace purses and some like to carry standout handbags that are far from ordinary. Here's a look at 50 bags that stray from the beaten path. Love them or hate them, there is no denying that they are unique. Each is made with rather unusual materials, or fashioned to look like something it is not. As you'll see, this type of creativity in design produces purse styles ranging from cute to tragic.

Farm Animal in Chaps

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This lovely purse was spotted at TJ Maxx. No idea what look designer Diane Gail was going for, but there's no doubt that she nailed "Farm Animal Wearing Chaps" with this one. Not sure if the pattern of the animal hide was lined up this way on purpose, but it reminds me of that one bad night I had at a Biker Bar with a cow.

Hello, 1970?

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This lovely bag could be yours for only $295. No, not $2.95 at the thrift store, we're talking nearly three Benjamins for this beauty. This vinyl purse doubles as a portable phone and can be plugged in to make calls from anywhere. Handy, except that cell phones have already been invented with no need to search out a working phone jack to use them. Either way, it's a great throwback if you're willing to fork up the cash.

The Feather Flamingo Bag

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We can't imagine why this bag has been discontinued. Who wouldn't want this pink and green flamingo feathered monstrosity on their arm? Someone should open a sanctuary for offspring of the endangered flamingo-parrots who provide this purse's colorful embellishments. You know, so we can make more. If this really is your style, make sure you keep it out of the rain; it'll lose its fluff.

Cigar Box Purses

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Purses made from cigar boxes are unusual yet elegant. These are made from genuine cigar boxes that are sanded smooth, coated with polyurethane and decorated before new hardware and handles are added. The rigidity of the purse would motivate anyone to be creative with sporting it. As beautiful as it is, one would be concerned about the racket involved while keys, lip gloss and pens rattle about inside.

Off To See the Wizard

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It seems like carrying vintage-inspired basket purses are in, but this homemade look-a-like is a bit much. The S-hook on the front may have some great plant-hanging use if you change your mind on this thing. With this purse you look as though you're always ready for a picnic or to grab Toto and set off to see the Wizard. Either way, this vintage basket purse is roomy enough for whatever snacks or small animals you'd like to carry with you.

Strawberry Underpants

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Parcel never ceases to amaze with their ingenious bag designs. This oddly cute little purse is made from underpants. It would be decidedly less cute if pre-worn adult sized tightie-whities had been used, but tiny strawberry underpants fit the bill perfectly for this design. If you may be concerned with the looks you'll get at the grocer pulling change from this, there are many other plain coin purses to suit your needs. But we'll take this one.

Keyboard Handbag

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Many times geek girls aren't known for their fashion sense. They have more important things to worry about, right? Well, no need to sacrifice; with this purse, you can let your inner geek girl shine through. Although, I wonder how heavy it is. Either way, recycled keyboards are given a new life in fashion with this bag, which is available with white or black keys. Go geek, go green!

Full Size Dogs

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First there were bags large enough to carry your little dog around in. Now comes bags that are the dog. These plush purse pets are far less maintenance than the real thing and look only slightly more ridiculous. Maybe they come in larger breeds for those who need to carry more. I only hope they don't make sounds. Or move. But hey, if I were six again, I'd love one.

Furry Die

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If you're a fan of furry dice hanging from your rear view mirror, this handbag is for you. This roomy cube might even bring you luck at the casino, along with looks and laughs. My inner obsessive compulsive is hating the empty space above the zipper though. Maybe it's just me. Never mind that, I imagine there would be enough room to fit lots of goodies inside. Just don't do anything illegal.

Live a Little

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These pine box coffin purses are limited edition and personalized for each customer. This hasn't been mainstream style since, well ... ever. I can see the pluses in sporting it though: lots of room, fashion statement, extra carrying handles, but make sure you keep the key handy. And hey, don't write this purse off yet; the country has vampire fever!

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