Balenciaga Giant Chic Box Bag | Small Modern Fuchsia Lambskin Purse

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Balenciaga provides an antidote to the fussy feminine box clutches we typically see with the Giant Chic.

Yes, it is a rather garish shade of pink, but this purse avoids feeling sugary by keeping the details edgy and modern. The distressed sawn-off pyramid studs bring some new style to the popular hardware. They complement the silver buckles and front zippered pocket, creating a look which, save for that bright pink hue, is happily unisex.

If you can’t embrace the shocking shade of pink, don’t worry. For a more androgynous look you can snag this purse in pearl gray, dark green, or a deep shade of violet. They’re more interesting shades than the traditional black and brown most brands offer, but they’re neutral enough that we don’t miss the more classic options.

The hues are designed to showcase the sumptuously soft lambskin, which is used for both the body and the unusual cutout shoulder strap. This handle is fully adjustable to help you find the most comfortable fit.

Despite its gargantuan name, the Giant Chic isn’t a large purse. However, it packs a practical punch despite its petite stature, with hardy canvas lining, a zippered pocket, and a detachable leather bound mirror all tucked away inside.

For nearly $1000 Balenciaga doesn’t give us a lot of bag for our dollar, but it does deliver a lot of style.

More Features of This Balenciaga Lambskin Box Clutch

  • Double zip top closures
  • An adjustable 35-29 inch shoulder strap with a 15.5 -13 inch drop
  • Measures 8.5 x 3.5 x 3.75 inches

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