Balenciaga Arena Giant Rope Duffel Bag | Large Casual Leather Handbag with Plaited Straps

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Balenciaga has wooed starlets like Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan with its contemporary handbags. Their purses are casual, yet always embody uptown chic. But the brand takes things down a notch with its Arena Giant Rope Duffel Bag.

The glazed electric blue leather is every inch as sophisticated as we’d expect from the Italian fashion house. The finish has a subtle gloss, without being quite as flashy as a patent. Honestly, when you’re carrying an electric blue bag you don’t need any more flash. A smattering of studs and side buckles add just enough edge, without overwhelming this simplistic design.

The large and luxurious body is what we’d expect from Balenciaga, but at the top the brand takes a left turn. A rope strap threads through silver hoops at the top of the bag. Really Balenciaga? Rope? The thick plaited strap looks far too relaxed for that lovely leather body. The rope gathers up the leather too, making it appear more like a casual drawstring purse than a high-end fashion accessory.

The problem is the Arena still has the high-end price tag. For $1295, I expect a purse with a little more sophistication than this.

More Features of This Balenciaga Duffel Bag

  • A zippered pocket on front
  • Fabric lined interior
  • An internal zip pocket
  • Measures 17 x 17.5 x 10.5 inches

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