Authentic Louis Vuitton Purse Donated to Cancer Charity Store

Posted on: Dec 3

A British Cancer Research shop is hoping to raise more than a thousand pounds, after an anonymous donor dropped off a genuine Louis Vuitton handbag.

The generous soul didn't leave her name with the Bedford High Street store staff, but she did mention there may be something valuable inside her sack of donations. That's putting it mildly!

"We opened it and it looked very different to the other Louis Vuitton handbags we've had in previously that have been counterfeit,” explained Scott Armbruster from Cancer Research UK. "We went to Bond Street eventually and had it valued and they gave it a value of £1,400."

The charity were originally planning to sell the bag for a little over £900, but struggled to attract a buyer in their small town. Now they plan to turn to eBay in an attempt to find a buyer for the designer bag. It's not listed yet, but make sure you check back with the Cancer Research UK eBay store if you want to take the purse off their hands!

[Source: Heart 96.9]

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