Anya Hindmarch Loves Margaret Thatcher | British Designer’s Store Tribute to The Iron Lady

Posted on: Jan 8

Margaret ThatcherAnya Hindmarch is paying tribute to one of her greatest icons, Margaret Thatcher, with The Iron Lady themed decorations in her Pont Street store.

The boutique's mannequins are dressed in blue pussy box blouses, an array of brooches and pearls, and wigs mimicking Thatcher's trademark dos. It's just a small display which says volumes about the impact the former British prime minister made upon one of the country's most celebrated fashion designers.

Hindmarch credits Thatcher's "no nonsense attitude" with giving her the drive to establish her own business.

"Her quote: 'If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman', is one of my favourites," Hindmarch explained. "She is a strong and charismatic woman and was apparently a terrible flirt which I admire."

And of course Thatcher loved handbags, so when Hindmarch met her she couldn't resist giving her a Bespoke Ebury bag. Coincidentally Meryl Streep, who plays Thatcher in The Iron Lady biopic, also owns one of the luxury purses. The designer also told Thatcher how much she admired her style, which must have been a great compliment.

"Margaret Thatcher dressed as a strong woman and developed a style that was very much her own brand," Hindmarch recounted. "The hair, the bow, the pearls and the handbag all became iconic. Her accessories from brooches to pearls were her way of being pretty but her handbag became her strength and was incredibly symbolic. To handbag even became a verb!"

Hearing Hindmarch talk of her love of Thatcher goes some way to explaining her own sense of style. Who is your celebrity fashion icon?

[Source: Vogue UK]
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