KC Malhan OMG Wristlet | Gray Beaded Blackberry Pouch

Posted on: Jan 8

KC Malhan OMG WristletKC Malhan combines the traditional craftmanship of the East with Western sensibilities to create this OMG wristlet.

The beaded body is trademark KC Malhan but the loud OMG slogan is something new. Frankly it's a little too faddish for me, but I'm sure tweens and teens will love the bold lettering.

The beading is first rate but I'm not convinced by the color choices. If you're going to commit to this kind of bold fashion statement, it seems to be that you shouldn't do it by halves. The gray background and orange letters are just a little reserved for this kind of purse. Classic silver and gold would have made a much glitzier statement.

It's also worth noting that this wristlet is very small. It'll hold a smart phone or Blackberry, but there'll be little room for anything else. I don't mind traveling light but I still want space for the items I call essentials. You'll need a very understanding boyfriend with very deep pockets to handle your excess I think!

It's easy to criticize a purse like this but it's important to consider its price. It is just $24 after all, so we can't go expecting the world. I'd never carry it, but I think it'd make a great gift for budding fashionistas.

More Features of This KC Malhan Beaded Wristlet

  • A detachable wrist strap
  • Measures 6.5 x 4.5 inches

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