Alexander Wang Talks to “W” Magazine about Naming Handbags | Designer Draws Inspiration from TV Characters

Posted on: Aug 28

Alexander Wang has been quickly moving his status from up-and-coming to highly desirable in the great fashion industry. With the launch of his new e-commerce site earlier this month, I anticipate that his sales will rise even quicker than the buzz around his name.

In a recent interview with W Magazine the designer revealed some interesting details about his childhood fashion, current press, and creative inspirations. One of the quirkiest bits of info was regarding his process of choosing names for handbags and shoes:

"The shoes are named after models - Lara, Hanne, Racquel - but the bags are named after TV show characters. We have the Brenda and Kelly [90210], the Dorothy shopper [The Golden Girls] and the Trudy [Miami Vice]. They're all the shows that used to be on TV when I was growing up."

I can understand the 80s-style Brenda, but it sure makes me wonder which character inspired the name of his strange, ready-for-skydiving Bianca vest bag.

[Source: Fashionista]
[Image: coutorture/Flickr]

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