Airline Loses Giorgio Gucci’s Luggage | Fashion Heir’s Missing Travel Bags

Posted on: Sep 26

suitcaseThere's a certain irony to the heir of a handbag empire losing his travel bags. But that's just when happened when Giorgio Gucci was on a flight from Madrid to Philadelphia.

But this loss is about more than the physical travel cases.

"The luggage contained over $50,000 worth of vintage Gucci bags -- one made by his grandfather for his mother -- custom-made clothing and hundreds of family photos that were going to be used in an upcoming documentary on his life," a source explained.

The US Airways mistake forced Gucci to buy a $450 suit from JoS. A. Bank for an appearance before Congress. I get the idea that he's never worn a suit worth so little in his life.

But the airline is desperate to make amends, and hopes to retrieve the bags before Mr. Gucci hosts the launch of his Giorgio G. Cognac on Wednesday. I'll keep my fingers crossed for all concerned!

[Source: NY Post]
[Image Source: Jason Ralston/Stock.xchng]

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