McKlein Litigator Briefcase | Classic Leather V Series Laptop Office Bag

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McKlein Litigator

McKlein LitigatorYou don’t have to be a big shot lawyer to appreciate the elegant craftsmanship of this Litigator briefcase from McKlein.

The design is classic and sophisticated. The brown and black colors aren’t very cutting edge, but the fine grained leather will only look better with age. The design is simple, with some elegant seams and a smattering of functional hardware breaking up the expanse of skin.

That functional hardware comes in the form of a three-digit combination lock, which should keep your technology and other essentials safe when you’re out to lunch. Pop it open and you’ll reveal the cleverly organized interior, which has three separate sections including a padded compartment for your laptop. There’s also a handy organizer with space for your cell phone, business cards, and pens.

The handles are really too short for commuting, but you can always attach the shoulder strap. I wish it looks a bit more stylish, but the neoprene fabric does stretch for comfort so there’s less strain on the body. Unfortunately though the spring clips aren’t very reliable, and often unclip once the bag’s picked up. Beware, as you don’t want to drop your briefcase and scuff that lovely leather.

It’s true that this office bag isn’t very edgy, and for that reason more daring fashionistas may feel it’s a little ho hum. It’s also a significant investment at $220, although that price isn’t altogether unreasonable considering its quality and craftsmanship. But bearing in mind how many hours you spend in the office, I think a splurge on an elegant work bag like this is money well spent.

More Features of This McKlein Classic Briefcase

  • Measures 18 x 7 x 13.8 inches
  • Weighs 5.4 pounds

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