Yves Saint Laurent Leather & Metallic Clutch | Stunning Luxe Black Envelope Bag

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Yves Saint Laurent Leather And Metallic Clutch

Yves Saint Laurent Leather And Metallic ClutchYves Saint Laurent is so unimpeachably timeless. It’s more than a little impressive that the line has consistently been able to stay relevant for decades. This leather and metallic clutch is a great example of how it’s managed to do it.

The texture on this clutch has been manipulated expertly. The outer edges have a fine grain, while the vertical center stripe has an ostrich effect. The metallic treatment on the ostrich portion is really beautiful and I love how it looks sprayed rather than printed on.

The timeless shape of this clutch has a few new touches. The rounded front flap is a subtle touch, and the way the striping continues from flap to body makes the design look very consistent. All the edges are very soft, which makes the whole look very feminine.

All this talk about the design details can’t really relay the spot on perfection that is this clutch. It’s edgy, but totally classy, and will be wearable for at least your lifetime.

More Features of the Yves Saint Laurent Leather And Metallic Clutch

  • 9″ x 7″ size
  • Internal pouch pocket
  • Fully lined in gold leather and black twill

Get this Leather and Metallic Clutch by Yves Saint Laurent:

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