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VBH Pellicano Tote

VBH Pellicano ToteVBH lets its luxury materials do all the talking with this Pellicano Python Tote.

VBH does its best work when it’s playing with exotic materials like this. It respects the skin and allows it to shine without any unnecessary complications. In a peachy beige tone the Pellicano is right on trend, although it’s not going to ever date. This is the kind of hue that can work its way into any seasonal wardrobe in any year and for any occasion, and well it should for the money!

It’s not an entirely practical choice though. The Pellicano is luxuriously large, but with only a single technology pocket and a zippered pouch it’s going to become difficult to manage. A zippered central compartment, or even a few more wall pockets, would have made it much more user friendly. It’s also criminal that VBH hasn’t added metal feet to protect that fragile python base!

It’s those functional flaws that really let the Pellicano tote down. On looks alone I could almost part with the whopping $4650 that VBH charges, but I think we deserve perfection for that price.

More Features of This VBH Python Tote

  • Golden hardware
  • An interior plaque with bag’s name and limited-edition number
  • Suede lined interior
  • A zippered shoulder strap with a 10.25 inch drop
  • Measures 15.5 x 19 x 5 inches
  • Made in Italy

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