Valentino Satin Bow Front Clutch | Bright And Chic Emerald Green Satin Evening Bag

Posted on: Sep 3

Valentino can do anything other designers do, only sleeker, chicer, and with more oomph. Seriously, in the pantheon of fashion gods, this man is Zeus, and his retirement is a tragedy from which I may never recover. But no matter, because he has left behind loads of little delicacies like this one.

And what a delicacy it is! This little clutch is pure purse magic. It's elegant, charming, feminine, and even better, already wrapped up in its own little bow! Okay, so it does look a little Christmas-y, but the holidays are coming, so now's as good a time as any to get prepared.

The long rectangular shape is set off with the beautifully elongated bow, which has the look and feel of some sort of modernist folding technique. I love that there is no clasp to distract from the seamless sea of emerald that is this clutch. Instead this closes with a zipper.

The only thing I really can't behind on this clutch is the price. $895 for a clutch that will get most of its wear between December 20th and January 1st? It's just not affordable. But then again, appeasing the fashion gods is never cheap.

More Features Of The Valentino Satin Bow Front Clutch

  • 12" x 5" x 2" size
  • Fully lined
  • Gold tone hardware

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