Valentino Python Bag | Amazingly Multi-Textured Multicolored Exotic Tote

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Valentino Python Bag

Valentino Python BagOh, Valentino, how do I love thee? I could count the ways or I could count the decades. Either way, the Valentino line has stolen more than its fair share of my heart. Even after the main man’s retirement, the house still manages to surprise and delight with bags like this one.

The python on this tote is unbelievable. I actually can’t believe the intricacy of the color pattern. The blue, brown, and tan shades have been expertly combined to create a look that is striking and sophisticated. Python is pretty cool without a treatment like this, but with it it’s just unbeatable.

The design of this tote is the perfect combination of classic and contemporary. It has a pretty standard shape, but the molded front pocket gives it a distinctively modern look. The polished clasp adds to the unparalleled chic without detracting from the glory of the material.

Honestly, I can’t imagine a price tag that would be too high for a bag this beautiful, but at over $4,000, it is, admittedly, pretty pricey.

More Features Of The Valentino Python Bag

  • 12″ x 9″ x 6” size
  • 6” strap drop
  • Fully lined in navy leather and ecru twill

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