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Posted on: Aug 1

Valentino Jacquard And Leather Tote

What in the world is going on here? Valentino may have retired, but the man isn't dead, and he must be absolutely seething about what the new designers are doing with his name. Namely plastering the logo all over jaquard bags. Uninspiringly mismatched bags, at that. For shame, nameless new creative director at Valentino.

The V-logo print on this bag is not the most terrible I've ever seen, but it's definitely not very interesting. I know the designers were probably trying to make something at a lower price point that still said "Valentino," but they didn't need to take the idea so literally. I've never seen a Valentino logo bag before and I hope I never do again.

The tote shape is really neither here nor there. It's basically what you would expect if you looked up "tote bag" in the dictionary, I think. So, besides the logos, what's the problem? Are you checking out this color scheme? Mauve-y light brown jacquard and pale yellow leather? No. Please, no.

At $945, this bag is reasonable for Valentino. But it's only reasonable if you just want something that says Valentino on it. In which case I have a plastic bag and a permanent marker you can borrow.

More Features Of The Valentino Jacquard And Leather Tote

  • 16" x 13" x 6” size
  • 7” strap drop
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Fully lined

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