Valentino Glam Zebra Sequined Tote | Tasteless Sequined & Fringed Zebra Bucket Bag

Posted on: Nov 2

Valentino Glam Zebra Sequined ToteSince Valentino's retirement, the line's accessories have taken many turns, some good, and unfortunately, some not so good. This is really interesting when you take into consideration that the line is currently being run by the designers that have been designing the house's accessories for years. Regardless of the designers' pedigrees, they still manage to horror me with bags like this Glam Zebra tote.

Talk about gilding the lily! This bag is seriously overburdened with embellishment. The zebra pattern is created with a mixture of metallic sequins and beads. This material, all on its own, would be a lot. But then they've added metallic fringe to the bottom! It looks like Christmas tree tinsel, and not in a good way.

Even the bottom of the bag is sequined, which is not only totally impractical, but looks terrible. Can you imagine trying to carry this bag with any sort of gown? It would be covered in nicks and pulls in a second flat. Not to mention your hose.

The bucket shape is the simplest part of the bag, and it would be a decent base if it weren't so overloaded. If you're offended by the aesthetics of this bag (or lack thereof), just wait til you hear the price. $3,495. Yep. That's a solid down payment on an economy car, readers, which would be a much better investment.

More Features Of The Valentino Glam Zebra Sequined Tote

  • 22" x 13" x 6" size
  • 9" strap drop
  • Fully lined

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