Tylie Malibu Kansa Messenger Bag | Bohemian Fringed Leather Handbag

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Tylie Malibu Kansa Messenger

Tylie Malibu Kansa MessengerTylie Malibu channels Californian cool with this Kansa Messenger Bag.

This is a messenger for beach babes and hippie chicks. Its slouchy finish and flowing fringe won’t work in the boardroom, but low maintenance beauties will love the casual spirit this handbag brings to any outfit.

This is one of the better quality bohemian bags on the market. It’s crafted from buttery soft leather and embellished with shards of glass and bone. I can imagine Native American tribeswomen crafting similar purses out on the plains, can’t you?

The Kansa is a midsized bag so it’s perfect for everyday use. Any bigger and it’d likely weigh us down and encourage us to carry things we really don’t need. This will hold the basics and a few extras besides, and what else do we want in a purse? It’s capped off by a soft strap which is fully adjustable for maximum comfort.

Those Native American women would probably charge less than $549 for their wares, but that’s still not a bad price for a bag which makes such a strong style statement.

More Features of This Tylie Malibu Fringed Messenger Bag

  • An adjustable strap with a 20 inch drop
  • Measures 13 x 12 x 3.5 inches

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