Stella McCartney’s Charity Python Tote for Kenya | Recycled Canvas Tent Bag Helps Africa

Posted on: Mar 16

Stella McCartney Python Tote

Stella McCartney's latest vegan tote isn't just good for the planet; it's also good for its people.

Stella McCartney's new printed python shopper was created as part of Ethical Fashion Africa, a unique initiative spearheaded by the United Nations. Workers in Nairobi, Kenya hand crafted the tote from cotton canvas taken from old tents. A percentage of profits from the handbag's sales are then returned to the Kenyan community that created it. It's disappointing that McCartney doesn't disclose exactly how much benefits the African people though. I think consumers really deserve to know where their money is going, don't you?

It's hard to believe that such an exotic looking purse began its life as a tent in an African village. Strangely enough, it actually appears more luxurious than the vegan leathers Stella McCartney usually plays with. Perhaps she should take some design tips from those African artisans!

Stella McCartney's new Printed Python Shopper Bag is available for $330 from Stella McCartney outlets, including her online store. That's more than I'd usually spend on a canvas tote bag, but Stella McCartney's handbags are never cheap. At least this one helps raise money for a good cause, rather than simply lining her already deep pockets!

[Source: Ecouterre]

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