SR Squared by Sondra Roberts Suede “Swirl” Kisslock Clutch | Affordable Unique Textured Black Wave Purse

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The Suede “Swirl” Kisslock Clutch by Sondra Roberts is a little bit vintage, a little bit modern, and a whole lot of style.

The suede body is dressed up with the stitched swirls that give the purse its name. In such a dense fabric, these stitches give the clutch a lovely and unexpected quilted texture that’s so much more engaging than any traditional diamond finish. The combination of modern waves and a gleaming vintage clasp could create a confused look, but Sondra Roberts manages to pull it off.

While the styling would suit a casual day out, it’s so small that you’ll probably only want to carry it after five. You can maximize the space though by planning ahead and leaving the chain strap at home if you know you won’t use it. There’s no sense cluttering up your purse with a strap, is there?

As with so many suede purses, I’m not sure how long this will retain its good looks. But for $75 retail (and even less now that’s it on sale!), I’m willing to take a gamble.

More Features of This SR Squared Suede Clutch

  • Grosgrain lining
  • A chain strap with a 9 inch drop
  • Measures 6.5 x 6.5 inches
  • Made in China

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