SR Squared by Sondra Roberts Martini Glass Credit Card Holder | Whimsical Patent Faux Leather Wallet

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This SR Squared by Sondra Roberts pocketbook is for gals who like a little whimsy with their accessories. It’s hard not to take notice of this quirky little bag.

If you’re not looking closely, it might be easy to miss the martini glass on the front of this credit card holder, but really it’s quite in plain sight when you know it’s there. The dead giveaway is the green and red olive on the tip of the envelope flap, or rather the “bottom of the glass.”

Although a patent sheen on synthetic leather isn’t always the best choice since it can sometimes make a bag’s manmade appearance stand out even more, it somehow seems appropriate on this SR Squared design given the topic. My only hesitation is the matching stitching that runs around the shape of the martini glass and olive. I would’ve preferred a solid shape instead to keep everything simple.

Classified as a credit card holder, this wallet-like bag is certainly not substantial in size and is meant to sit in a purse or handbag rather than function as a clutch. However, it would be great for a night on the town when you need your cards and cash close by. It’s nicely priced, too, at only $25.

More Features of the Martini Glass Credit Card Holder

  • Measures 4.5 x 3 x 1 inch
  • Zipper and snap closure
  • Synthetic patent leather

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