Sondra Roberts New York Colorblock Clutch | Mod Resin Black & White Purse

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Sondra Roberts Colorblocked Clutch

Sondra Roberts Colorblocked ClutchI’ve always found colorblocking a bit hit and miss. All too often designers get it wrong, but Sondra Roberts reminds us just how right the effect can look with this Colorblock Clutch.

The first secret is the tried and true color scheme. Black and white is a classic combination for a reason. The fawn panel brings something new to the mix, but black and white are really the stars here. These bold monochromatic hues are complemented by a quirky black tipped kiss-lock clasp. This clutch’s trapezoidal shape is simple, but those details make it something really special.

This clutch is very slender, but we never buy a purse like this expecting stacks of storage space. With that room compromised I’m glad to see the chain strap is detachable. This means we can leave it at home if we feel like clutching it the old-fashioned way, without worrying about it cluttering up the insides.

This is the kind of clutch that would work just as well during the day or the evening. That versatility makes its $125 price tag seem very reasonable.

More Features of This Sondra Roberts Resin Purse

  • Grosgrain lining
  • A detachable shoulder strap with a 9 inch drop
  • Measures 4.5 x 11 x 1.5 inches
  • Made in China

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