Sherpani Lucky Wallet | Large Purple Eco-Nylon Purse

Posted on: Jun 14

Sherpani Lucky WalletIt's smaller than the label's day bags, but Sherpani shows it still likes to live large with this Lucky Wallet.

This wallet is so large that I thought it might be a clutch purse. It probably could serve as such if it weren't so narrow, or so plain. But as it stands it's a cute, if not very chic, wallet.

It is greener than many wallets on the market. Sherpani's made its durable nylon material with 67% recycled fabrics. Critics might suggest the label could have upped the percentage, but any steps towards sustainability should be celebrated. The fabric is colored with a bold purple dye and embroidered with Sherpani's famous flower.

I must admit, considering the Lucky's size I expected a bit more. This wallet ticks all the boxes but it doesn't go as far as it might. There's a change pocket and plenty of room for paper money and checks. But there are just five card slots. Show me a woman with just five cards and I'll show you someone that lives a very cloistered life!

The Lucky doesn't quite meet my expectations, but it's cheap enough to forgive its flaws. At $22.95 it's as cheap as it is cheerful.

More Features of This Sherpani Nylon Wallet

  • Floral lining
  • Measures 7.5 x 4.5 x 1 inches
  • Comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

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