SEIL Bag Makes Bike Riding Safe | Cool Korean Light Up Backpack Concept

Posted on: Sep 27

The SEIL Bag is one of those nifty concepts that I'd love to see mass marketed. Korean inventors Lee Myung Su, Park Geun Wan, and Park Okhee of the Leemyungsu Designlab came up with the backpack which looks to make cycling much safer.

LED displays embedded into the accessory illuminate with messages for the traffic behind them. Possibilities include turn signals, emergency signals, and messages thanking drivers for maintaining a safe distance.

The LEDs apparently work in two modes: driving or emotion. As the names suggest, the driving mode takes care of the practical messages such as turn signals, while the emotion mode features fun emoticons. It's all controlled by a lever on the bike, so cyclists can operate the bag while keeping their hands safely on the handlebars. Watch this video to see the SEIL bag in action on the busy Korean streets.

I love the clever and practical concept behind these bags, and hope to see them on the streets soon. Can't you just imagine how they'd make your life easier, and more fun?

[Source: Treehugger]

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