Rebecca Minkoff Releases Delight | Affordable Studded Purse for Mark

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Rebecca Minkoff Delight Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Delight BagRebecca Minkoff has come to the rescue of frugal shoppers with her new Delight bag, created exclusively for Avon’s beauty and fashion boutique, Mark.

By using leatherette rather than authentic leather Minkoff’s been able to price her Delight at $60. That’s far less than the $465 she charges for the similarly sized Morning After from her signature collection.

The lesser material means the Delight isn’t quite as delightful as its name implies, but it stays true to Minkoff’s contemporary urban aesthetic with its studded finish and neat flap-over design. It’s small but pretty practical, with three interior pockets and another on the back. The business card pocket and key clip inside add extra value. The combination chain and leatherette strap also gives us the best of both worlds.

The Delight’s release is Minkoff’s latest step to make her products more accessible. She said she understands that not everyone can afford her signature purses, and she wanted to be able to offer them an alternative. You might remember that she also slashed her prices by 25% when the recession hit.

We decided to listen to our consumer during the recession and so we knew that things were tough,” she explained.

Rebecca Minkoff’s new Delight bag is available for $60 exclusively from Mark.

[Source: Racked]