New Boy Chanel Bags | French Fashion House’s Sleek New Purses

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Boy Chanel Bags

Boy Chanel BagsChanel has stepped away from its classic feminine style for its latest, more androgynous handbag collection, the Boy Chanel.

Gone is the quilting the French fashion house is famous for, replaced instead with sleek, smooth calfskin leather. The design is clean and more masculine than the usual Chanel offering, although you’d never call it tomboyish. In fact the name comes not from its masculinity but from Boy Capel, the English polo player who had a passionate love affair with Coco Chanel herself.

The style is designed to be worn as a shoulder bag or cross-body with a little strap adjustment. There are three different sizes available, ranging from the small purse to the everyday tote. There are a range of classic colors available including black, gray, red, lead green, and ivory.

Personally I’m a bit torn by the designs. I’m thrilled to see Chanel trying something new, and on the whole I appreciate the Boy Chanel’s more minimalist aesthetic. But I’ve got a few reservations. Those chunky chain straps look like they’d be heavy and uncomfortable to manage, and I’m not sure they add enough to the design to put up with those niggles. I’m also not a fan of the embossed Chanel logo on top of the bags. I suppose it’s an improvement from those oversized interlocking Cs, but this kind of blatant branding doesn’t seem in keeping with the Boy Chanel’s look.

What do you think about the new Boy Chanel bags?