Nancy Gonzalez Two-Tone Crocodile Envelope Clutch | Sleek Exotic Black & Blue Evening Bag

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Nancy Gonzalez Two Tone Crocodile Envelope Clutch

Nancy Gonzalez Two Tone Crocodile Envelope ClutchNancy Gonzalez may not be a household name, but as far as I’m concerned she should be. The native of Colombia owns and runs all her own exotic animal farms so that she can keep tabs on quality from start to finish. As a vegetarian, I feel a little bit better about buying exotic skins if I know where they come from. This two-tone clutch is one of my favorite Gonzalez designs so far.

Gonzalez has an extremely light touch when it comes to design. There are never too many details, nor do her bags ever come off as trendy or dated. This two-tone clutch is no exception. The clean crisp lines of the envelope bag are so sharp they look almost ironed and there’s nothing but the natural seaming to accentuate the beautiful lines of the bag.

This crocodile treatment is absolutely crucial. The combination of navy and black gives the bag added dimensionality without taking away from its classic good looks. It’s subtle enough that you may not notice the color shift at first glance, but it will spark your curiosity and keep you looking.

$2,450 is a solidly reasonable price for an exotic bag, and this one is about as lovely and timeless as they get.

More Features Of The Nancy Gonzalez Two Tone Crocodile Envelope Clutch

  • 11″ x 7″ x 3″ size
  • 22″ strap drop
  • Fully lined in suede and leather

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