Mr Money Bags | Gene Simmons from Kiss Launches Luxury Leather Man Bags

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Kiss sex god Gene Simmons has launched his own range of male handbags. It’s a surprising move for the rock star, and one that may force those lads who say man bags are for sissies to eat their words.

Gene’s Money Bags feature a playful logo comprising bags of loot and an embossed dollar sign. It sounds like just the thing for high rollers!

The collection includes a Vegas Size messenger bag, a larger Monte Carlo Size messenger, and a duffle bag which the website says should “be filled with bundles of loot and stashed away in the hull of a catamaran, until the money can be spent on watching the sunset and drinking rum for years on end.”

Considering Gene’s reputation for excess and indulgence, I was surprised by the subtle style and timeless elegance of these beautiful bags. If anyone can convince guys to tote a handbag, it’s Gene Simmons!

Fans of the Money Bag line can also enjoy matching T-shirts, wallets, belts, and hats.

[Source: Trendhunter]
[Image Source: Gene Simmons Money Bag Store]

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