Miu Miu Star Print Watersnake Clutch | Tacky Gray Exotic Purse

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Miu Miu Star Print Watersnake Clutch

Miu Miu Star Print Watersnake ClutchMiu Miu shows how the wrong print can break an otherwise beautiful clutch with this Star Print Watersnake Purse.

I have to wonder what the folks at Miu Miu were smoking when they came up with this design. Who is responsible for taking stunning taupe watersnake skin and covering it in ugly black star shapes? I’ll bet that poor serpent that gave his life to create it is turning in his grave right now.

The fractured star print is interesting, and on another purse I might even appreciate it. I can picture it on a simple canvas bag, but not on something so esteemed as snakeskin. It’s already got a pattern, those beautiful natural scales, and it doesn’t need anything else muddying it.

The simple interior is a blessed relief. The sumptuous gray satin lining and array of practical pockets is just what I’d hoped for. It’s even a decent size, even if it is on the slender side. It’ll require some careful packing, but it should hold everything you really need when you step out.

Considering its high quality materials, Miu Miu has every right to charge $1250 for this bag. However we’ve also got every right to turn our noses up at it.

More Features of This Miu Miu Watersnake Clutch

  • Golden hardware
  • Push-lock fastening
  • Made of watersnake sourced from Indonesia
  • Measures 11 x 7 x 2 inches

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