Michael Kors Jeweled Python Clutch | Luxurious Designer Clutch In Shades Of The Sea

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The sleek minimalism that Michael Kors is known for has, in the past few years, gone straight out the window. In the late 90’s, the Kors label was something like a religion for models, but lately, not so much. Perhaps his stint on Project Runway and subsequent surge in popularity have something to do with this, I’m not sure. But with the decline of his elite audience has come an increase in popularity amongst us common consumers. All that being said, this clutch is not for the common consumer.

Truth be told, I can’t really figure out whether I like this bag or not. I am instinctively drawn to the rich shades of blue, teal, and green, but am somewhat put off by the busy-ness of the design. The combination of textures is interesting, but not exactly insightful. Python, which on its own is so sumptuous and delicate, seems not to need the addition of so many baubles, particularly when it has already been dyed such unnatural shades.

This is not one of those “lipstick on a pig” situations, then, it’s more like Michael Kors is gilding the lily here. Not only do the jewels distract from the natural beauty of the python, but I shudder to think at what would happen to the clutch if one of them got caught on something. I daresay that one small pull on one of those beads could rip a large hole right through this $1,495 clutch.

This is a small bag that makes a big statement. The real problem is that I’m just not sure what it’s trying to say.

More Features Of The Michael Kors Jeweled Python Clutch

  • Gold metallic leather lined interior
  • Goldtone hardware
  • 12″ x 5″ x 2″ size