Michael Kors Crescent Fringed Leather Hobo Bag | Tacky Boho Fringed Bag

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Michael Kors Crescent Fringed Leather Hobo Bag

Michael Kors Crescent Fringed Leather Hobo Bag

I have never been a fan of Michael Kors, but his last few seasons have really been impressing me. Until I see bags like this one, that is, and then I’m reminded all over again why I don’t like his designs in the first place. This Crescent fringed bag is a boho nightmare.

The tan leather is a nice, easy to wear shade, and the shine on it is reminiscent of something you might find in Western wear. The fringe is also a bit Western-inspired, although it takes things to a totally absurd level. I’m not anti-fringe or anything, but let’s be serious; there’s more fringe on this bag than you’d need for a whole line of bags. Bohemian is one thing, but this, I’m afraid, is just something trying to pass itself off as bohemian.

The shape of the bag isn’t spectacular, either. Even though it’s called the Crescent, it’s not actually crescent-shaped. It’s more like a half moon, and a pretty awkward one at that. This is exactly the kind of bag that it’s impossible to find something inside.

Basically, I don’t like anything about the Crescent, including the price. $995 is just too much to pay for an eyesore, even a designer one.

More Features Of The Michael Kors Crescent Fringed Leather Hobo Bag

  • 20″ x 15″ x 2″ size
  • 15″ handle drop
  • Fully lined in beige canvas

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