Menbur Rianna Clutch | Burgundy Satin & Silk Ribbons Evening Purse

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Menbur Rianna Clutch

Menbur Rianna ClutchAs we get older colored ribbons start to look a bit silly in our hair. But we can still enjoy the pop of color they provide with this Rianna Clutch.

Warm burgundy, orange, red, and gold ribbons criss-cross this way and that across the front of this sophisticated evening purse, creating a kind of chevron finish. It’s so stunning that I can’t help feeling deflated looking at the bare red back. That lack of continuity is common in affordable purses, but that doesn’t make it easier to swallow. I’d rather pay twice the $71 that Menbur charges than see a purse that’s half done.

Thankfully Menbur hasn’t forgotten anything inside, except perhaps a few more inches. While it’s small it should hold everything we really need on an evening out with some careful packing. The chain strap isn’t detachable, so it will clutter the interior when it’s not in use, but you’ll be thankful for its inclusion by the end of the night.

I love the warm pop of this vibrant Rianna but I know many girls may hesitate to add that much color to their wardrobe. Happily there’s also a monochromatic version for anyone seeking a clutch that’s more subdued.

More Features of This Menbur Ribbon Clutch

  • Satiny lining
  • Clasp closure
  • A chain strap with a 21.75 inch drop
  • Measures 4 x 7 x 2 inches
  • Made in China

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