Marc Jacobs Imogen Leather Shoulder Bag | Summery Brown Boho Leather Bag With Metallic Fringe

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As far as I’m concerned, Marc Jacobs is to America what Coco Chanel was to Paris: the designer that epitomizes that nation’s style. But, like the French, sometimes we Americans aren’t always on point. I think this bag is a good example of American boho style gone awry.

The basics of this bag are solid. I love the simple shape, the rich brown leather, and the utilitarian-styled straps. The additional red leather straps are a unique and interesting touch, as well. But the metallic fringe is killing me. It looks like a really ugly chandelier exploded on the front of this bag.

If the fringe wasn’t metallic, it might save the whole bag. As it is, though, the whole thing looks slapped together shoddily. Actually, if you took off the red straps, it might detract somewhat from the ugliness of the fringe, but as it is it looks like a big red frame around the worst part of the bag.

The other worst part of the bag is the price. At $1,750, I just can’t see this baby flying off the shelves.

More Features Of The Marc Jacobs Imogen Leather Shoulder Bag:

  • 11″ x 9″ x 5″ size
  • 9″ handle drop
  • Lined in light brown satin
  • Interior pouch pocket

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