Magid Novelty Straw Turn-Lock Cross-Body Bag | Woven Green Purse

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Magid Novelty Straw Cross-Body

Magid Novelty Straw Cross-BodyMagid gets us ready for summer with this playful straw cross-body bag.

Magid calls this a novelty bag, but that description honestly seems a bit dismissive. This cross-body is certainly fun, but I’d hardly put it in the novelty category. Whatever you call it, there’s a certain charm to its bold jewel hues and structured shape. Its fabric and chain strap mimics the luxurious leather and metal ones we see on Chanel purses, while the turn-lock closure has a bamboo look which mimics Gucci. If you’re going to steal style elements, why not replicate the best?

I won’t pretend that this cross-body holds a candle to the accessories from those high end designer labels, and neither will Magid. But at a mere $60, it doesn’t need to go toe to toe with those designer accessories. It’s chasing a different demographic, one which will appreciate its looks without expecting longevity or luxury.

Sure the straw is likely to show wear after a summer or two, but who cares? For that price you can afford to replace it once it starts to fall apart!

More Features of This Magid Woven Cross-Body Bag

  • An interior zip pocket
  • Silver-toned hardware
  • Also available in blue and red