Liz Claiborne Electric Slide Tote | Reptile Print Blue Synthetic Handbag

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The ordinarily staid Liz Claiborne walks on the wild side with this Electric Slide tote.

While it may have little to do with disco dance moves, there’s something electrifying about this tote. Perhaps I’m just impressed because it is so different to Liz Claiborne’s usual fare, but I love this sexy scaled print. Liz Claiborne calls it a croc, although it seems more serpentine to me. Whatever beast it is, the mottled scale prints look gorgeous against the peacock blue skin.

That skin is synthetic, which isn’t a great surprise when we’re paying less than $100. It’s very soft though, so we don’t feel like we’re making too much of a compromise. As a bit of a bonus this manmade material is also resistant to splashes and stains.

The beautiful printed body gives way to a more traditional Liz Claiborne look inside. The tan lining is drab, but considering the wild print outside that’s not too disappointing. The space is functional, if not overly inspired, with synthetic trimmed pockets and pouches to help you stay organized.

The Electric Slide tote may be a little too daring for Liz Claiborne’s faithful fans, but I predict it might make those who’d previously dismissed the designer as dull take notice.

More Features of This Liz Claiborne Exotic Print Tote

  • Zip top closure
  • Dual handles with an 11 inch drop
  • Measures 15 x 13 x 6 inches

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