Kate Spade Armadillo Wicker Shoulder Bag | Woven Novelty Animal Handbag

Posted on: May 16

Kate Spade Armadillo Shoulder BagKate Spade embraces her silly side with this Armadillo shoulder bag.

The designer cleverly weaves wicker to create a three-dimensional model of the quirky South American animal. Why? Goodness knows! But the attention to detail is impressive nevertheless!

Two tan leather straps allow us to take this fun animal with us everywhere. A trapdoor-style flap at the armadillo's top allows us up open him up to fill him with our worldy goods.

I can't imagine this armadillo shoulder bag will be easy to manage though. Its structured design won't hug our body like a leather bag would, and our essentials are a bit inaccessible under that flap. The top also doesn't open as widely as I'd like. I expect items to get stuck in the corners.

I also wonder exactly when you'd wear a bag like this. Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj might be able to pull off such a novelty purse on the red carpet, but it'd never work for our business meetings or sophisticated luncheons, would it?

But this Armadillo Shoulder Bag makes a real style statement, which is more than we can say for many bags on the market. It's probably a shade too expensive at $328, but that price does buy us a real original.

More Features of This Kate Spade Wicker Shoulder Bag

  • Golden hardware
  • A removable logo keychain
  • An interior zip and slip pocket
  • Measures 8.25 x 15.5 x 7.5 inches

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