Juicy Couture Mimi Tote | Simple Almond Cowhide Leather Purse

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Juicy Couture Mimi Tote

Juicy Couture Mimi ToteIn recent seasons we’ve seen Juicy Couture toning down its former feminine aesthetic. It’s been refreshing to see its bags less embellished, and less pink. However it may have taken its new image a few steps too far with the Mimi tote.

In stripping away such distinctive elements, it seems Juicy Couture’s lost its personality. The Mimi is a very simple tote, with a traditional boxy shape and no superfluous frills. At best it’s clean and minimalist. At worst it’s boring. It’s always helpful to have a bag like this in the closet when you’re wearing a complicated ensemble that doesn’t want upstaging, but it’ll never inspire handbag envy.

Don’t dismiss the Mimi out of hand though, because it really is a well put together tote. Its spacious interior has all the pockets we’d expect, while the outside has a handy slip pocket and detachable key chain. I also appreciate the turn-lock closure, which makes the Mimi appear refined while offering vital security.

Some more inspiring color options could have made the Mimi much more. A simple tote like this really lends itself to saturated jewel hues. While the pale almond color has a splash of metallic the effect is so subtle it’s easily missed.

I know I wished for Juicy Couture to show more restraint a few years ago, but this tote makes me long for the label of old!

More Features of This Juicy Couture Cowhide Tote

  • Lined with polyester
  • Dual handles with a 10 inch drop
  • Measures 14 x 15 x 3 inches