Jalda Salini Hobo | Soft Anaconda-Embossed Teal Leather Handbag

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Jalda Salini Hobo

Jalda Salini HoboSerpentine scales make the Salini hobo from Jalda a very refined creature.

The embossed scales are significantly larger than we typically see on snake-style bags. Jalda says the bolder finish is inspired by anacondas, and I’ve never been close enough to one of these jungle giants to argue! Whatever the muse, I think the larger scales work well on such a generously sized bag.

The deep teal hue is another smart decision. The dark color is classic, ensuring this enormous bag doesn’t dominate your outfit. I’m not so sure about the brown leather top, but at least it’s dark enough to avoid an obvious clash.

The Salini’s size is likely to divide fashionistas. Such large bags have fallen out of favour, but that only makes them more desirable for girls who enjoy carrying all their worldly goods. The standard trio of pockets seems a little inadequate for keeping such an enormous compartment organized, but at least the bright blue lining should make your possessions easy to see.

The Salini isn’t Jalda’s best bag, but it’s a lovely way to add a look of luxury into your everyday wardrobe. At $505 I can’t call it a bargain, but it’s much more affordable than an authentic anaconda purse!

More Features of This Jalda Snake-Embossed Hobo

  • Magnetic snap closure
  • A single strap with a 6 inch drop
  • Measures 15 x 17 x 6 inches
  • Made in the United States