J. Furmani Elegant Clutch | Affordable Pleated Ivory Satin Evening Purse

Posted on: Jul 9

J. Furmani Elegant ClutchRecently I've become disillusioned with bags that don't live up to the promise of their names. There was Roxy's Spicy hobo that had no heat, and Jessica Simpson's Bliss tote that seemed far from blissful. So thank goodness this J. Furmani Elegant clutch is elegant!

I've seen many pleated clutch purses, but never one as clever as this. The folds criss-cross over one another to create a kind of subtle rosette. This flower-like arrangement is paired with a gorgeous rhinestone studded bar clasp. Fashion snobs might long for Swarovski crystals, but for an affordable $35 I don't miss them one bit!

J. Furmani packs more value in with a selection of chains. Ordinarily I feel lucky to find one on a clutch purse, so the choice of shoulder strap and the shorter handle makes me feel positively pampered!

The Elegant is slim but longer than your average clutch, so with some careful packing you should be able to fit everything you want inside. The patch pocket is a bit useless, but we've come to expect these silly pouches in clutches.

I really wish I'd spotted this Elegant purse before I walked down the aisle. In ivory, it'd make the perfect clutch for budget-conscious brides. It's also available in brown, taupe, and navy if you're looking for a more versatile evening accessory. For this price, you might be tempted to indulge in a few colors!

More Features of This J. Furmani Pleated Clutch

  • Silver frame
  • Measures 1.5 x 9 x 5 inches

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