Inge Christopher Willa Cross-Body Bag | Exotic Metallic Printed Linen Handbag

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Inge Christopher Willa Cross-Body Bag

Inge Christopher Willa Cross-Body BagInge Christopher dresses up linen with this Willa cross-body bag.

This is a very clever bag, as it gives us the exotic looks of a snake purse in a much more durable and affordable package. The metallic pewter sheen of the snake scales makes this bag seem much richer than its $110 price tag would suggest. The muted leopard print is a little lackluster in my opinion, but it’s always refreshing to find a few options.

The combination of casual material and glamorous finish makes the Willa very versatile. It could make any outfit look richer, and it’s strong enough to withstand such regular use. Wear it as a cross-body during the day, and then remove the strap for a more formal look once the sun goes down.

You’ll need to know how to travel light though, because space is limited. While the soft material will let you squeeze in a few extra items, it’s not made to carry large wallets or many other items we usually consider essentials.

The interior also feels more like an evening purse than a day bag. There’s just one patch pocket which isn’t deep enough to be of any real use. You’ll need to know how to keep yourself organized when you carry the Willa, because this bag won’t do it for you.

For the money though, the Willa is an enticing proposition. It’s rare to find such exotic good looks in a purse that’s made to last.

More Features of This Inge Christopher Linen Cross-Body Bag

  • Dual hidden magnetic closure under flap
  • Satin lined interior
  • A detachable chain with a 23 inch drop
  • Measures 2 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches

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