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Posted on: Jan 22

Androcell BackpackI haven't carried a backpack since I left high school, but if Karan Singh Gandhi's new Androcell backpack ever gets mass produced I may have to reconsider my stance.

The Singapore-born designer believes our clothing and accessories should offer more than aesthetic appeal. His Androcell backpack is a biopolymer accessory which features space for storage inside, and a solar-powered e-paper exterior for browsing and sharing files on the go. It almost does away with the need for carrying heavy laptops, and it's completely recyclable at the end of its life. The shoulder straps feature the same e-paper display along with touch screen buttons, which help you transfer and download data, and access your images, video, and music files.

While the e-paper exterior has a practical application for busy businesswomen, I also imagine it'd just be a lot of fun. Really this feature allows us to customize the bag, and change its look as often as we want.

Gandhi created the Androcell for his design class, but it's such a cool idea it's destined to go global. Someone sign this talented designer up quick!

[Source: Ecouterre]

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  1. coolest backpack I've seen Says:

    This is the ultimate back pack which brings the touch of the future now. Its functionality is amazing, interactive accessories is the next big thing, and In this digital era we live in its the best time for it to be put on the market, I would buy it any day :)

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