Furla Amazzone Satchel | Expandable Metallic Leather Carry-All Bag

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Furla Amazzone Satchel

Furla Amazzone SatchelJust like the Amazon goddesses that inspired it, this Fural Amazzone satchel knows how to make a big impression.

It had me at that lush metallic color. I rarely warm to metallic leathers, but this one is just subtle enough to win me over. Called Argento, it’s a mellow alternative to gold. It’s every bit as rich, but not as gaudy as the more common shade can be.

The Amazzone is a generously sized satchel, but you can make it even larger. The vertical zips aren’t just a pretty complement to the leather; they also help the bag expand when they’re undone.

Given its generous dimensions, Furla really should have offered more functional features. I appreciate the Amazzone’s clean exterior, but would it have hurt to put more pockets inside? The zippered pocket and lone slip are really inadequate for keeping the space organized, particularly when the satchel’s expanded.

While I’m griping, the handles also aren’t up to par. While they might look the part, they’re too short for over-the-shoulder carrying. That wouldn’t have been a concern on a smaller satchel, but it makes this large one really awkward to manage.

The Amazzone’s not quite as practical as it professes to be but this satchel still is lovely. Whether it’s $598 worth of lovely is another matter though. For that price I expect substance as well as style.

More Features of This Furla Metallic Satchel

  • Fully lined interior
  • Metal feet on the base
  • Dual handles with a 5.5 inch drop
  • Measures 15.5 x 10 x 7 inches
  • Made in Italy

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