Echo Soft Patent North South Tote | Large Neon Yellow Carryall Bag

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Echo Soft Patent North South Tote

Echo Soft Patent North South ToteEcho abandons its usual casual fabrics for something a little more dressed up with this Soft Patent North South Tote.

This tote has all the gloss of a real patent, but its finish is much softer which makes it seem a bit more luxurious. I’m not sure anyone would mistake it for authentic leather, but its creases aren’t as harsh or cheap looking as so many manmade materials.

This is a large tote but a well-appointed one, with an array of pockets of all sizes. I’m especially fond of the clear zippered one, as we can easily see what we’ve stashed inside it.

I particularly like the pop of this neon yellow hue, although it’s too bold to suit everyone. Traditionalists are catered for with a basic black version, while anyone looking to be just a little daring may warm to the electric blue. I’m not sure the gray cotton canvas strap is a particularly good complement to any of the hues, but this is a minor quibble on such an inexpensive tote. After all, it’s easily tucked away if you prefer to use the dual handles.

More Features of This Echo Soft Patent Tote

  • Dry clean only
  • Colorful interior lining
  • An adjustable tuckaway strap
  • Measures 15.5 x 13.5 x 5.5 inches