Bottega Veneta Resina Tope Bag | Velvet & Python Stripe Tote

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Bottega Veneta Resina Tope Tote

Bottega Veneta Resina Tope ToteI spend a lot of time writing about handbags, and just about as much daydreaming about the ones I could never afford. You know the ones; those gorgeous things that could clean out your bank account in an instant. I can’t imagine my husband would be happy if I spent our savings on this Bottega Veneta Resina Tope Bag, but looking at it I wonder whether his wrath would be worthwhile.

As totes go, they don’t get much more luxurious than this. Vertical stripes of velvet and painted python skin make it look more covetable than any other tote I’ve come across. It’s dramatic with colors that transcend trends and seasons. Can’t you tell that I’m in love?

And I’m only falling deeper as I think about using this Resina Tope handbag. Ordinarily the bags I covet are too small to fit the items I want to carry, too pale to look pristine for long, and too minimalist to be user-friendly. But not this beautiful tote. It’s large enough to carry a laptop inside, along with your important documents and your favorite fashion magazine. The interior has a zippered pocket for valuables and an open one for your cell phone. And that mottled snakeskin won’t show stains.

But of course it’s not perfect. It costs $4500. When I think of all the practical things that money could buy, I just can’t part with it. It seems I’m destined to love this tote from afar.

More Features of This Bottega Veneta Velvet & Python Tote

  • Lined with nappa leather
  • Dual handles with a 12.6 inch drop
  • Measures 14.6 x 15 x 0.8

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