Beyonce Knowles Poses with Sang A. River Tulip Tote Bag for Photographer Tony Duran

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Soul diva Beyonce Knowles recently posed for this gorgeous photoshoot with acclaimed photographer Tony Duran.

There’s no denying her beauty, but it pales in comparison to that stunning Sang A. River Tulip Tote she’s carrying!

The soft ruching of the scalloped eel skin purse reminds me of flower petals. Even in this strong black shade, It adds just the right dash of femininity to Beyonce’s masculine blazer.

The River Tulip Tote is also available in soft rosette pink and a khaki color called crema.

These eye-catching handbags are a little pricey, but their timeless appeal makes it worth the investment. At least that’s what I keep telling myself!

If you love this purse make sure you look out for Sang A.’s other exotic creations, using lush fabrics like python, multicolored mink, and soft pony hair.

Sang A. Totes online


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